Eyelash Extensions

Semi Permanent Eyelash Extensions

I have trained with Hollywood  Lashes had further training with queen of lashes,  Laura from Ooh La Lashes in Billericay , Essex and did my Masters with Nouveau last year

The lashes I create are very natural looking , not spiderwebby. No one would know you had fake lashes although people will complement you on your lashes not knowing they are not your own!! I  put  alot  on, really aim  to lash  nearly  all your natural lashes and if you  come for top ups regualaly they  get thicker and thicker because I  lash  all the new  lashes that  have come through.

I have a choice of lenghts and curls so  I grauate from  small lashes in the corners and get longer to the outside, we choose the suitable weight of lash  that  your natural lash  can  hold so they  sit nice and straight.

Lash in a flash is a great service for one off occasions  quick and effective.

Once applied, the lashes are water resistant, meaning you can shower, swim, sweat, cry and sleep without worry.

These lashes will enhance your natural beauty, increase confidence save time.They are brilliant  for everyday, saves putting on mascara, saves panda eyes etc  but if you don’t want them permanantly they are amazing for weddings, parties, holiday and special occasions

Beware they are addictive.

Mascara is not required with the lashes but if you want  that added va va voom  water based mascara can be applied. Remove with an oil free remover.

You need to look after your lashes, they HATE oil , All make up has oil in it,  even eye shadow, so  you do need to be careful  applying  and removing make up. They  do last well but  need care.

£60.00  for a full beautiful  set

Allow 2 hours

Top Ups ideally  2 – 3 weeks

£25 for first hour.

£ 5.00 per 15 mins after initial hour